Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Heidi's boyfriend works at Moxie's so we went for dinner there to meet him. Well, for Adam to meet him anyway because I already have. He seems like a great guy, I have always thought so. Great food, too. I got an oriental dish and it asked how spicy you want it. I got Heidi to order for me while I changed Joel's bum. I told her to tell them I wanted it a 2 as it was on a scale of 1-5... I thought anyway. So the food came and was great. I didn't realize that the thing that looked like a green bean in the stir fry was actually a hot hot hot pepper. I ate it and thought that it was fine till I actually thought that I would never regain feeling in my mouth! It was so painful, too! I am pretty good with spicy food but, OH MY!!!! It was funny because Heidi's guy, Nathan came just when I needed it. I told him what had happened. The "2" was how many hot peppers were in it. He said watch out for the next one!!! And he reasured me that he had done the same thing the first time he had it. That saved me from being completely embarrased! Thanks Nathan!!! Then he got the other waiter to quickly get me some bread which helped so much!!! Anyway,great dinner, great company and the kids were awesome!  Posted by Picasa

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