Friday, May 02, 2008

Sick but very well!

So, I have a chest infection. I was wondering why this cough was hanging on for the last month! Probably a good thing I got that checked out!

And Joel went to the doc today to get this weird bite checked out. I thought that it might be a spider but the doctor says it is an insect of some kind that walks and bites while it walks. Anyway, it is kinda yucky so I will have to put some polysporine on it to keep it from getting infected.
But he is happy as always, watching his Blue's Clues.

We are planning on going to the carnival tonight. I hope it is a great time. All the kids want to do is go on the bumper cars. We will see about that. And they took in bottles so that they would have their own money to spend. I am so excited to go. It is so much fun every year. I dread the years when they will want to go alone. I don't know if I will ever be able to let them without being scared out of my mind.
This morning I went to the school and did a little presentation on being a stay at home mom. It was fun. And I made cookies for the class. What a joy to be able to do it. Hope they like the cookies. Joshua seemed so proud. That was all I really wanted.
Gotta go 'cause I have nothing else to say and I am needed for getting drinks for the kids. Have a great day all and God bless!

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Jenny said...

I think we'll probably take the kids this weekend as well, but truth be told, this carnival creeps me out. Too many creepy carnival workers!!