Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A very nice treat

Funny, as a child when you are told that your mom has a treat for you it usually means candy. As a grown up treats of candy seem like no big deal but this kind of treat is a very big deal. Adam's mom won some moolah and without a moment of hesitation, told us she was giving us enough to buy our living room window. This was our project for this year and we were expecting to have the money by October to have it installed. I was putting money in our savings account little by little and this huge treat from Mom was such a wonderful surprise! Here is Joshua removing the stick on stars from the old window with the men outside getting ready to remove it. Taking out the junky, old, metal frame window that has been leaking air like crazy and most recently, leaking water also.
The empty space. Adam and I just sat at the table and had coffee while we took in the excitement. We felt so spoiled! What a blessing!
Insulating and getting ready to re frame the window.
And the finished product. Adam, the nerd that he is, asked the guys to pose for a picture. The funny thing is the guy on the left just sold us our car 2 days earlier and before that we had never met him. We were quite surprised to see him here at the house to install our window. Small town, small world! Jen, is that a relative of yours?
So, as blessings go, this is a great one. It will make a huge difference in the winter and it looks unbelievably better. But is there ever a bad blessing? No, and God is always taking care of us. Everyday Adam and I have a new realization of God's love and care in our lives.

Enjoy your day everyone!


Jenny said...

Beautiful window Char. I'll have to stop by soon to see the new window and your lovely fence!!

Mrs. Wilson said...

He's my cousin, Jodi!

Virginia said...

Hey Char, the window looks great!! I'm so glad for you guys that you were blessed and able to finally get it!! Love you.