Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh so tired!

Not sure what is up with that. I feel so tired lately and I am sleeping way too much because of it! And I am crabby... and no I can't be pregnant. So, I am going to see the doc about finding out if I may be low on iron or something. Oh well, if not I will chalk it up to busy mom syndrome and let it be.

Going to start on a bit of a weight loss time here. Not even so much a weight loss as a tummy tone and try to get trim time. So, this was all brought on by my very best friend in all the world, Heidi deciding to get married, asking me to be in the wedding, and us realizing that my dress will be 3 inches too small on the waist. So, prime opportunity to make what I have wanted to happen for a long time, finally happen. Also, I am so out of shape it is embarrassing. Pray for me if you could as this is going to be very hard for me. I am a compulsive over eater and have about a 2 second time period where I think about things before I indulge. I also am quite lazy when it comes to working out and do not like to give things up, including time. Although I say all this, I do not define myself by these terms so in this endeavour, I plan to shape up, eat right, exercise, and pray like mad! Would be great to have some support so here I am.

I shall give all the stats as I really don't care who knows what. Waist, hips and weight are what I am going to clock and I will have to weigh and measure every week to keep on track. I will do these all tomorrow night as I am too tired and lazy tonight to get my measuring tape or go upstairs to weigh myself.

The general idea is this

At 5 foot 5 and a half inches I can range from 114 pounds all the way to 152 pounds and be considered "normal" by your basic
BMI measurements.
When I got married I was about 110 pounds. But I was a teenager and active and such. Then I got pregnant and the heaviest I got to was 170 pounds. Yeah I know, it is quite a bit but everyone has to gain something. After each baby I was able to take off a good percentage of the weight. When I was preggo with Joel I got to about 160 pounds and then the lowest I got afterward was about 135 pounds. It has been 3 years now and I am hovering around 140 pounds. Not bad! I am pretty impressed after having 3 cutie patooties!

Now 133 pounds would be right in the middle of the "normal" range and that sounds nice. But I am thinking that in the end of things my goal will be 125 pounds. Although for this wedding in October I am going to go for 130 pounds. This will be harder than it sounds, what's 10 pounds, eh? But I need to tone and get some muscle too so I am not just trying to get rid of fat. Now that is the tough part for me. And I want it to last!

So, my plan... turbo jam, as it is so awesome a work out and I don't have to leave the house.
I will try to jog but we shall see, I have a screwy hip from birth so I will walk if I can't jog. And I am going to up my veggie and fruit intake and take out chips all together (I hope). This is my one vice and will be very hard to give up. Also upping my water intake and cutting out coffee almost completely. I will drink tea instead I think.

There it is for now. I will do measurements and such tomorrow.

God bless you all!


D-Ann said...

You can do it! If I can drop 25 lbs, you can lose ten.

Adam said...

I too shall try to be a support, wifey of mine. But to be honest after reading this blog entry I find myself craving chips. lol

Jenny said...

Yay Char!!! You can do it!!
The funny thing is your pregnancy weight is my goal weight!!LOL...j/k
I gave up coffee last year. I have to say I still crave it from time to time. :( Up your water intake and your movements and you'll have no problem dropping 10 pounds. Also make a rule for yourself...don't eat after 7. I'm not sure if you're a snacker at night,but my hubby is always eating during the evenings.
Good luck and let me know if you ever want to go for a walk. I'm always up for one!!

Gwen said...

did you get my comment? Blogger seized up when I tried to publish it. I'll leave another one -- but just publish one of them! (and not this one, obviously)

Gwen said...

I'll send you an invitation to our weight-loss Yahoo group. It might help!

Let us know how Turbo Jam works out. I'm sort of interested, but I'm afraid I'll never actually do it. Can't wait to hear how you do with it!

Charlene said...

That would be great Gwen, I would love to join the yahoo group. Anything to keep me on track.

Jenny, was thinking I will be calling for sure for some walks in the near future. I am looking forward to getting in shape with gals by my side!

Darci, thanks for your encouragement!

And Adam, I will do it whether you eat massive chips or not. Don't even think about it!

joni said...

oh Char i should have read this one first.. makes so much more since now.. and just for the record i think you look incredible.. but every woman wants to look like a knock out for weddings.. hehe.. (you do btw - just get a bigger sized dress!)
but you will really love getting in shape.. you'll be tired for different reasons... and you have more energy for other things...

all the best to you.