Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Challenge!


If you believe the world is doomed for despair and defeat at the hands of Satan through the Antichrist and that Christians escape through God's helicopter rescue called the rapture, I hereby challenge you!!!!

Read the following book...

Read it HERE.


Andrew Brown said...
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Adam said...

Hello bro,
Mr. North may be interested in money as he IS president of the Institute for Christian Economics. I can tell you only perhaps glanced at the book and not read it as he uses plenty of scripture. One of the interesting things he pointed out was the origin of dispensationalism in 1830 through either Darby or a trance-induced 20 year-old woman. Read it bro. I was reminded of false prophecies of Hal Lindsey I had totally forgotten about. It is indeed a bit dry but powerful not-the-less. I won't comment on his being a nutjob though as I can be one myself.