Thursday, May 22, 2008

A day late

Well, I am a day late on my weigh in. I will have you all know that I did terribly this week on my attempt to get healthy. I did walk one long walk, home from cell from the south side to home one evening and I did Turbo Jam once (which by the way Gwen, I absolutely love and would lone to you to try if you would like. So fun!). I didn't eat well but did cut back on my coffee. So the end results I am happy about.

Wednesday night weigh in:
Weight 136 popunds
Waste 33 inches
Hips 41 inches (it seems that the only thing that grows is my rear)

So, I think I may have miss measure my hips last time because my jeans are fitting the same. Shockingly I shedded a 3 pounds which is nice and gives me a little incentive to get my "butt" in gear so to speak! haha Hope everyone has enjoyed the beautiful day, hoping to start painting my fence tomorrow. God bless!


Jenny said...

Way to go Char!! Did you have a slight stutter from the excitement of losing the po-pounds??Just kidding.
Keep up the good work. Next week we should take the kids down the millenium trail or ferry island...let me know what day works for you!

D-Ann said...

Woot! 3 lbs is where you start. then it all comes off at that :) What blood type are you?