Friday, May 30, 2008

what a Belle!

Annabelle's new thing she loves. I braided her hair one night after her bath and when we took the braids out and saw all the curls she was so excited and wanted to do it every night! Virginia, I thought of you when doing it. I remember you braiding her hair when you were living here. I loved that. And I am not nearly as good at braiding.
Most people know that when Belle was a baby she had the ringletiest hair ever! And I assumed it would stay, but it didn't. But she did keep the wonderful body in her hair that makes it easy to make curls and keep them. So when I braid her hair she is curly all day. That makes her so happy!

And one of my baby with her ringlets. Natural is always the most beautiful but I love to give her the option of a little curl whenever she would like it.


Jenny said...

It might come back. I had really wavy hair as a little girl, than when I went to school it straightened and it has come back. I can make my hair very wavy if I let it dry naturally. So there's hope for Annabelle!!LOL

Virginia said...

Thanks Char, I remember that. It turned out pretty good that night. I remember her hair was so fine and curly then!!! Annabelle's hair looks nice. She looks so pretty! I remember loving that as a girl too.

starla said...

wow char, she looks more like you every day!