Monday, May 05, 2008

Please God!

Does anyone know anyone who is selling a second hand vehicle at a reasonable price that would not need much work if any at all. Car with 5 seats or minivan or anything like that??? We are getting desperate as our van is in need of a new engine. Please comment ASAP if you know of anything!


Tanya said...

We will be selling our van...but I don't know what a reasonable price would be for you...we're thinking around $9900...but we could talk... Other than that I don't know of anyone else at the moment...good luck!!

lovinit said...

I am thinking of selling one of neons. Probably $2300 or something I need to fix a couple things before its ready to go tho.. It runs good, as far as I know. There is just a small dent on the front drivers side of the car.