Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Facepaints, Friendship, and Love

Hey y'all! Just thought that I would post a few pics tonight. Jenny came over tonight for coffee and brought a pack of those yummy fudgy cookies that I was drooling over on her blog lately! Thanks a lot Jenny and your visits are always so enjoyable, always good for a night with lots of laughter! Gotta do it again soon! I think I will eat some cookies tonight for a bedtime snack.
So here are a couple pics of Joshua with his face painting that Ruth did in Sunday School class this week. He wanted pictures because he loved it so much! It was a little hard on him, the thought that he had to wash his face before bed. I think that Ruth has quickly become a favourite teacher in the class for my kids because of the face painting. We all enjoy it.

Last night I was waiting for Adam to come home from prayer. I was getting pretty tired and it was around 10pm... that is pretty early for me to be getting tired but anyway, I was. So, he came in and had had a really nice night. Then he threw me a pack of mentos and said, "I got you these from Walmart" I gave him a bit of an odd look and he said "don't you like mentos, yeah I just thought that I would get you a pack at walmart." So I said, "Why were you at Walmart?" "Just thought that I would get you Mentos" He says with a smile. Okay... So I was trying to figure out what was going on when he sat down. He said, "I know our anniversary isn't till next month but I wanted to get you this to wear out to dinner." So he handed me the box. What a sweety, he spent a portion of his i pod savings on this neclace for me. Totally unexpected and total surprise. God sure has blessed me with a great man. This is not a great picture, but you get an okay look at it. It is real rubies! I don't have much for jewlery so this is quite a treat for me. Makes me... feel like a woman! haha Love you Babe!
So, that is all for tonight. Have a great night and God Bless!


TANYA said...

What a beautiful gift!

I'm glad you had a great night with Jenny! And your kids...they're so cute!

I hope you aren't having too many problems with this rain. I've been thinking alot today about you and Sirena...hope all is well. If you need any help...please don't hesitate!

Charlene said...

Thanks Tanya...
Not too many problems with the rain, thank God.Just a small puddle, like 3 feet, in around our drain hole. I am thankful it is not worse! And there is nothing down there to get wrecked now anyway. I think that we will do what our neighbor did after this, plug the drain hole. He said he did that and there is no water in his basement at all. Thanks for your thoughts!

Jenny said...

That necklace is very pretty! You know you're loved when your hubby sacrifices an Ipod for a gift for you!!!
We've only had a little trickle through our crawl space!!!YEE haw!
Hope you're enjoying your bag of cookies!!
Hope you have a dry day!!

McRae's said...

I love that necklace it is gorgeous,since we are moving on friday arouns 7p.m. we have a box of toys for you and three bags of an assortment of books if interested call me or i will bring it to you guys and miss you

MiShun said...

Way to go Adam. So the chase is on WHOO HOO. Beautiful. I Love you Char.
Good Night.

Gwen said...

Beautiful, Char! Of course your value as a virtuous woman is far beyond that of rubies. ;) It's lovely!