Saturday, January 27, 2007

A blast from the past!

I was sitting around tonight, as Adam was at work, and looking at my old photo album. Just thought that I would share a few of the great and wonderful memories of the 90's!!! Yes the 90's, remember I am only 25. Remember these are scanned so they are not great quality.
Me in the "employee lounge" at Timmy's after my shift, enjoying... an iced capp, the first year that they were around! This outfit I am wearing may not look super cool to all of you, but those of you who know that I adore music and clothing from the 60's, would understand why this is packed away, in hopes that maybe Annabelle will be just as odd as her mommy when she is 16! I loved these overall bellbottoms and leather jacket and would wear them all the time... as a matter of fact, I still would be wearing them if I wasn't 5 sizes bigger now!
One of the only pitures of me that I really like. My big sis Virginia and I went on a holiday together every year for about 5, I guess. This was maybe our 4th trip??? I think so anyway. She had gone to Nova Scotia but on her way back, I hopped a bus to Edmonton to drive back with her. We had a great time! I loved it and have so many great memories! She took this one of me in from of the Rockies, obviously!
My couple years of strangeness. I do not even remember having those, oh so cool, gold curtains! But, we still have the ash tray that the candles are burning in right outside on out deck for visitors to use.
The gang... I recognise all but one. Not sure about that first girl but then there is Henny, me, BJ, Sirena, Clara, Bekki, Christy, Ruth, Chris, and Rich. Those were some days!
Me and my sister Virgie on one of our holidays. We had planned a trip to Ireland and bought the backpacks and saved most of the money but my other sister Bernadette planned her wedding for our holidaying time so... we shortened it and took a train to Edmonton. we really didn't want to miss the wedding, especially becasue we were in it! And we were very inexperienced with backpacking anywhere so it is probably good we went there instead of Ireland. We staying and camped in Jasper and they were pretty much the coldest nights I have ever had. We were bundled so much and still were too cold to sleep. Also, realizing that we had over packed, by a lot, we found a box and sent about 1/4 to 1/2 of our stuff back to mom. Stayed in Edmonton 10 days and had a great time! I still dream of going to Ireland... maybe with my hubby one day!
Last but not least, me and my girl, Sirena, in front of my car I had for my first year of driving... I am 16, she is 15. We met when she was 14 and I was 15, she came to know Christ shortly after. What a true blessing this friendship has been. I love you Sirena! She always called me, "my Char". I loved it! Look at us Sirena... I can't believe it is us.
It is amazing to me that God had a plan for me although I had quite a few really messed up year. I thank Him for His faithfulness to me... Jer 29:11 (NIV) "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Well there is a little glimps... just because! Night night and God bless!


Christy said...

I love this post Char!!! Such awsome memories! I am going to do one like this too soon!

Jenny said...

I love those pics...thanks for sharing!!

Jenny said...

Beautiful pictures Char. I love the one of you in the Rockies! Gorgeous!
I would love to go to Ireland someday. Scott has been and said it's beautiful.
I would love a scanner. I have lots of pictures I'd love to share.

Charlene said...

I have been thinking about doing this post for a while but never had the energy to do all the scanning until last night. It is so fun to reminise!

I really love having a scanner! You can always bring a few pics here when you come over next and we will scan them and email them to you and then you will have them to do with whatever you want. It was fun anyway. That is cool that Scott has been. I would love to just see the scenery and the cathedrals and the pubs! haha I have some family there too. It has always been a dream, not so much for Adam unfortunately.

Tamara said...

This is the best post ever lol

jessicabrandenbarg said...

Yeah those photo's were awesome. I love your car, and your bellbottom overalls. And i really love your pic of all you guys so many years ago.. you guys looked so young.. hahahahah its wicked..
take care

Charlene said...

Thanks Tams and Jess!
I loved looking back at the pics and thought to myself, hey, there are some people who never knew us way back when. Thought it would be fun. I have more, I will probably post some in the future.

Ruth said...

Wowzers! I love those days...when I wore my dads shirts and pants! We were sooooo coool!!!
Thanks for sharing those
I feel like digging up mine now

dwiebes said...

While I love LOVE LOVE the picture I wonder what pants I was wearing and why?! Good times! We'll have to do a Momma road trip one of these days. Once the babes are a little bigger... we'll leave them with grandma and all meet up in Edmonton! WOOHOO! It'd be great! I can just see it now, all of us squished into a tiny hotel room so we have more spending money ;)