Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A very long post... be warned! Just all about life.

Wowzers!!! What a week! Well, we have had a hard week, nothing too hard to overcome through Christ. Adam and I have felt the enemy at work in our life and we are trying to fight hard against him. I can't stand it! Anyway, today is a new day and Christ's mercy is new every morning and this very morning we finally felt some breakthrough, we will conquer with Christ! I feel like the world has lifted off my shoulders and that I am free again! Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom and we will have the spirit abide in our home, and there will be freedom.

Okay so, other news goes like this. I was making Kraft Dinner the other day with Joshua. He loves to help and he had pulled his chair up to the counter right beside the stove. This didn't concern me much as he is very aware of the dangers of the stove so, we start to add the butter. I heard Joel say ouweee! And then screaming began and I looked at him. He had hopped up on the chair and wanted to see closer so while I turned to get the butter he leaned over to look closer around Joshua at what was going on. I have a stove with cast iron burners and it does not cool down quickly. Also I had just removed the pot, so it was hotter than hot. My goodness!!! I was so freaked out that I did the first thing that came to mind and that, thank God, was exactly the best thing to do. I grabbed him and without even looking at his hands I held them under cold water until my hands were going numb from the cold. I was so scared I had done the wrong thing becasue I was so in a flutter so I asked Joshua to get Daddy. Adam had gotten home from a night shift and had only been sleeping for an hour. Joshua went and told him that Mommy needed him and Adam slowly got up. I told Joshua to tell him it was important so Adam came running down and looked at what had happened. He asked me to call the nurses hotline or hospital and find out what to do. At that point Joel's hands were numb from the cold and he was happy as can be. There was no apparent blisters so the nurse said that it should be okay and to give him tylenol for the pain. Okay, so Adam felt better and went to bed and I got the kids their lunch which was disgusting and cold by this time. They started to eat but Joel realized how much it hurt and could not stop crying for a long time even after the Tylenol. So I called the doc and brought him in. It was semi serious he told me and they put some burn ointment on and bandaged his hand. I really wanted to get a pic of it, he was so cute and totally babied his poor little hand. It did blister though and later that night he ripped off the bandage as he can't stand bandages of any kind.
So, I went out for coffee with my friend Jenny that night. A very much needed break!!! We had great talk and yummy coffee. What a nice time out. I love to be able to have girl friend times and I thank God for a hubby who doesn't mind at all. When I got home with a movie, Finding comedy in a muslim world (was VERY boring), all the kids were in bed and Adam and I had a nice evening together. A great finish to a stressful day.
Next day we were supposed to go to a murder mystery party. I had all our costumes layed out and was excited about it. My mom was going to take the kids for their very first EVER sleep over. What a treat for me. Adam and I have not had a night alone since we had Joshua almost 5 years ago. So, unfortunately the party was cancelled but my mom, of course, still took the kids. That was so nice! We dropped them off for their fun at 5:30 and we went to the Golden Flame, my all time fave restarurant. We got in lots of good conversation which is hard to come by with all the monkeys butting in all the time, though we love the interuptions most of the time. After supper we went to Gus's, the local pool hall and played some pool. I have always loved doing that with Adam. Good times. For those of you who don't know, Adam worked for Gus for a month and a half when we dated and bought my wedding and engagement rings with his earnings without me knowing. Gus had gone out of town for that time and Adam ran the place. We had no idea what he would get paid, he did it more as a favour. If it wasn't for that we would have not been engaged when we were as Adam really wanted to get me the set I liked the most. I love going down there. We really care for Gus and his family. He is always good to us. Anyway, the music in there that night was the type you think might have actually been recorded in hell... but we laughed off a lot and played our pool. It wasn't too busy so we were able to have a lot of fun. After, we rented a movie, Lucky Number Sleven, great movie except it gave me some bad dreams so not so great for me. What an awesome night.
We picked the kids up from Nana's for church in the morning and they had had a great time! So, a success!!! Can't wait for Christmas break so they can do it again... thanks so much mom!Yes Joel always has a baby with him but doesn't really use a pink cup, he just took Annabelle's from her, just in case people are wondering. The kids rented 2 Dora movies for their sleep over.Mom's brand new comfy bed, she made it sideways so everyone could fit nice. Looks cozy hey?!

Inbetween that and today there was a couple not so great days... but like I said... today is a new day and I see the victory at hand. Yay!
Also a special man in our lives, someone I have known and loved for the majority of my life, passed away this week, just yesterday in fact. It is a little hard to think of it. I am glad that he lived long and loved much and knew Jesus as his personal savior and friend. Grandpa Courtney will be greatly missed. I miss him just thining of it. My prayers are with His family and if anyone thinks of it, pray a prayer for peace in this situation. I pray that God will fill the void in Grandma Courtney's life. I know He can, only He can.
Tonight I gave the kids their bath. They weren't in there long but when I took Joel out all his burnt spots, fingers and palm were all peeling really bad. I made sure I didn't pop the blisters as that is not a good idea I hear but I think the water did it anyway. He was really upset about it and Joshua could hardly look. He is a little squeemish about such grose things. So I put some polysporine on to help so it won't get infected and it is supposed to help with healing and I bandaged it all. He was very unimpressed so I let him watch a Blue's Clues video since it is his favourite thing in life. Off to bed at 9pm, later than I would have liked but I managed to get Adam ready and off to work at 10:00 without much stress. Well, I hope you all had a great week and there is cell tomorrow night which is my highlight for this week.
Oh I forgot to mention that we set up Joshua's so cool train set which we have had stored for almost 2 years. I finally made enough space for us to really make a cool set up. We are in the buying process of getting it ready to be a reasonably permanent model in our house. Adam took Joshua to the bottle depot and returned what we had. He got about $10 so we took the kids down to the creative zone and got the proper scale... pigs, yes pigs the kids picked, for the model railroad. Just starting out. I think that it will be so cool one day. The kids already think it is. I love that about kids. We will buy stuff as we have the money. I am very pleased with it.

Well, do you think this could have been any longer??? I am thinking that I need to close. Have a great night and a wonderful day tomorrow everyone!


Anonymous said...

Busy week! Coffee was great. We need to do that more often. It sounds like you watched an interesting movie?! We watched MI:3, which I enjoyed.
I had a challenging day on Saturday. I won't go into details but certainly felt some bad energy trying to shake things up.
Anyhow all is good.
Glad you guys got some much needed time to yourself. Couple time really makes all the difference in the world!

Charlene said...

Jenny, glad to hear that things are still great though. I totally agree about couple time. We really need to prioritize that. I love it, it keeps communication open and it just keeps a little fun in the relationship. Yeah, you would probably like Lucky Number Sleven, it is just that there are a few killing scenes and I am a baby when it comes to somethings. I am super sensetive. So, for regular folk it probably would have been great. Adam said that there was a bit too much going on for his taste but good ever all. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Christy said...

Char I love how you see the good in every situation! Nothing gets you down girl and we should all strive to be that way!

Love ya!

Christy said...

Oh and I love the pigs! So cute!!!!!

Charlene said...

Christy, thank you so much for your compliment, although I must admit, in the midst of the turmoil, I was very down. I would love to say that I knew from the start that it would end easily but I was really upset over the last couple days. I am completely encouraged and lifted up in God today though, and the turmoil will not get us down now. I know that we have made it through, and nothing can stand against us with Christ. I am very encouraged by your comment and I am so glad that people can't tell when I fall apart inside to the most part. Thank you Christy.
I love the pigs too, and they are so tiny. I love it. Can't wait to get a building but it is all so expensive when you want to get the proper scale.

Tanya said...

So glad to hear that Joel is alright, even if he has a bit of blistering.

I agree with Christy, your so calm and collect in every situation...and you see the good in everyone. We should all strive to be like that. You're an awesome example of how us christians should all be.

BTW Adam...we miss seeing you all too. And I'm sure Jason would love to do some winter fishing with you, once he's feeling a bit better. Take care y'all!