Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Swimming fun!

Joshua and Annabelle have been taking swim lessons since we got back from our holiday. It was 2 lessons a week for 5 weeks . So last Thursday was their last day. They brought me their reports at the start of the class and it ends up that they both have to repeat. Joshua didn't really understand because we had told him that next he would go into Sun fish. It is alright though as Joshua needs to work on a few of his skills. We will take them swimming as often as possible in the next couple months and then I will try to get them registered for January. It is so fun to watch them learning and interacting with the other kids. They did very well at that and the teacher said that they are like little fish. They have no fear so I expect that next time they will both go on to the next level. Annabelle had the skills down, she is just a little too young to move on.
Joshua waiting for his class to start.
Practising his back floats and glides.
Joshua waiting and dreaming of swimming
Belle-no fear-Brown heading down the slide. She loves the water!

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Carin said...

good luck with round two! I am sure they will do great! they look like they are having a great time! (which is most important!)