Monday, November 20, 2006

New couches, just beautiful and there was one spill on the couch one night, it didn't leave even the slightest stain!!! Yes, for microfiber! They are so comfy, too! Also, my Unc bought mom the through rug and she got the cherry wood table and an end table to match. They all look beautiful together! And she is going to replace the curtains with a nice sage green. Mom is borrowing the TV for now but just got the DVD and VCR player which has already come in really handy! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Beautiful furniture!!(even with the plastic on the coffee table!! My mom and your mom would get along! When she bought her coffee table 6 years ago...expensive with tiles on the top, she made a cover for it out of plywood and covered it with a vinyl tablecloth for when the boys came over!!)

Charlene said...

The worst thing though is that the first day she got the coffee table, she went out to pick up the couch. I was at the house with the kids and Joel ran a car over it when I turned my back and left about a 3 inch scratch in it, so I was totally supportive about the plastic. I felt so bad! But my mom is so understanding. You could tell she cared but not enough to make me feel bad. She is so good to me and the kids!