Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween fun!!!

Okay, Adam already posted the pumpkin pictures but I thought that I would post this anyway. I wanted to post them earlier but blogger is often not letting me do pics. Anyway, this is the book I read to the kids every year in the fall time. I love it. It is totally God centered and this is why we carve pumpkins. The story is all about what God does with us when we get saved, just awesome for kids.
He chooses a pumpkin, for a special purpose, and washes it up. Then...

He starts to do a work in us. He scrapes and pulls out all the gunk that is in our heart...

And seperates our sins from us!!!

Then he starts to make a new face for us and we start to have his joy! Even though it sometimes hurts, He shapes and molds us into His image. We always do a smiling pumpkin.

God put's His light inside us and it shines out for all to see. As the neighbours come by, the pumkin makes them smile, just as we share the joy of the Lord just by having Him in our hearts. The book has scriptures on every page. Pretty cool I think! I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes to carve pumpkins. There is so much more to it than what I said here. The kids called our pumpkin, Angel. Then they said that Angel was lonely and cold so Adam said, let's make one with a cross...and as soon as it was done and we put it outside the kids said, now Angel won't be cold or lonely because she has Jesus beside her!!! I loved it. What a blessing it is to do these activities and see the kid's faith grow in such simple things. What a cool book, too! I am so glad my mom gave it to us! And I am glad, as I always loved carving pumpkin's at halloween, that we have this to center around God during a day that we are not so proud of... Halloween. And the kids love the hotsprings. Joshua says that he loves it even more than candy and dressing up. I bought the kids a couple costumes after halloween, when they were on half price, for their dress up clothes. A Giraffe for Joshua, and some wings for Annabelle so she can be a butterfly. I love it! Hope all your nights were filled with fun and joy and the love of God!


Carin said...

That is absolutely incredible - I am love the way that it makes it totally God centred... taking back what the 'locusts have stolen'!!!
very cute about the kids not wanting 'angel' to be lonely and Jesus being with her... too adorable for words!

Laney said...

hey Char... I love how you were able to do the pumpkin carving centered around God! I always loved pumpking carving as well, but haven't done it with Aja (even though I wanted to) as I wasn't sure how to bring God into the picture, and without it seeming like a 'halloween' thing to do... I am definately going to use your example next year though :-)

Charlene said...

Carin, thanks a lot. We had a blast doing this and that is totally the idea, at least for our family, showing the kids that the day was made by God even if the events and holiday are not godly. I get a lot of joy from finding ways to bring Christ into our life in new ways. I pray our kids will always love doing this more than trick or treating and stuff. We make sure we stock the house with candy, too just to make sure that they don't feel like they are missing out!

Lorraine- I am so glad you liked this idea. I would totally recommend the book for your little ones, too. It is really good and you can read it any time of year, of course. I just focus on it more during the fall season. It really is a blessing to me not to have to take out the fun of having pumpkins around. We try not to glorify that it is halloween, even though they hear it from friends. They seem happy to do the things we do. You must be almost ready to have the baby hey? I can't wait to hear about it. You will have to blog pics ASAP after babe is born. Love you!