Monday, November 20, 2006

Mom's place!

So here is a little glimps into my mom's knew home. I love being there and I am so proud of my mom for making this decition to buy a trailer rather than renting. I just took a few pics of the place after mom babysat the kids the other night. I forgot to write that the bed is so comfy and it is a queen size pillow top, King Coil! Anyway, enjoy! Here is mom showing off her home. Posted by Picasa


starla said...

Wow! its such a beautiful little trailer! was the kitchen that color when she bought it? its so pretty and totally suits her! I'm so happy for her blessed little home!

Anonymous said...

Shirley is so beautiful! So happy that she's got such a funky new place. Thanks for the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Your mom's place looks so cozy. I'm so glad she was able to find a nice place to call home!

Charlene said...

Starla, yeah she has not done anything to the place since she moved in. The lady before had very similar taste in the kitchen to what my mom would have picked. What a blessing to find this trailer at the price it was!

Gwen, Thanks. I think that she will be happy here for quite a while. I love it and she feels really good there.

Tanya, it is amazing, too how quickly she was feeling at home there. I thought that it may take a while but after about a month she felt all settled in and she said that it felt like home. Thanks God for a reasonably easy transition!