Friday, July 11, 2008

A Tupperware demo

Gotta love a demo now and then.

This is one of the items I wanted and it came in my starter kit so I thought that I would keep it. I think the best thing to use this for would be pancake batter but I decided to try it with cake and it was great. So, first of all it is a measuring cup so I was able to measure the water in it and use less dishes.

Water, eggs and oil are added now.
And cake mix is added and the splash guard/ partial lid goes on.
Mix it up, no mess because there is a splash guard!
And pour into the cups. Very enjoyable! Easier clean up and easier making. Also, I finished one tin of cupcakes and then had to go out so there is also a seal that fits in the whole at the top to make it a full lid. And there is an anti skid ring on the bottom. So nice.
The finished product, just what my girl wanted, rainbow bit cake with orangy pink icing and a 5 on top! Yay!


Sharon said...

Awesome kitchen tool. I'm thinking I might want one. lol. I love the cake you made too. It's really cool. And creative. :) Oh and that's so AWESOME about what God has done and is doing in Adam's back!!! I've been praying for him on this end too. So it's great to hear that God's healing is taking place. :)

D-Ann said...

That is totally awesome!

Christy said...

Ohhhh I will have buy one of those as well!!