Sunday, July 06, 2008

Hey all!

Hope everyone is very well!

My bro in law is in town so I am assuming that I will be busy in the next while. Here is a quick update.

1. The Tupperware order I put in with the below sale on there ended up being about $300! That was pretty good. There were a few people who really wanted one or two of those.

2. Adam is still in a lot of pain. He is going through blood tests and ex rays and stuff to figure it out. There has only been one thing they have suggested it might be and that is something we are really hoping it is not. So, we are praying that it is something much more fixable and that God will heal him soon.

3. May 22nd I posted...Weight 136 pounds Waste 33 inches Hips 41 inches
June 10th I measured-Weight 134 pounds!Waste 33 inches Hips 39.5 inches!!! 39 31
July 6th I measured - Weight 133 pounds Waste 31.5 inches!!! Hips 39 inches!

Seems like my goal is so in reach... goal-
weight 130 pounds: 3 pounds to go!
Waste 30 inches: 1.5 inches to go!
Hips 37 inches: 2 inches to go!

Not bad! I am pretty happy with that.

4. I am not babysitting full time anymore. My sis found it was just far too many hours to be away from her babies. She is going to be cleaning houses. So, anyone need someone, call me and I will give you her number.

5. Adam is on his holidays for 2 weeks! Hopefully we can get some camping in!

6. I have a sinus infection. Not fun, on antibiotics.

7. Joshua and Annabelle are starting Vacation Bible School in a few days!

8. Annabelle turns 5 on Tuesday! So excited!

Have a lovely night and I will try to post some pics tomorrow.


starla said...

wow! your doing amazing with your weight/inches goals!!! good job! i'm super excited about my order! can't wait!

Jenny said...

Hey girl, email me and fill me in on what's wrong with Adam...hope he's okay!
We won't be home until the end of the month...
Tell Annabelle we wish her a very happy birthday!