Thursday, July 17, 2008

Catches of the day

My biggest fish ever! Adam and I got the great privilege of heading out, just the 2 of us at 5am to go fishing, 2 days in a row! My mom stayed the night just specifically so we could do this. So, my 22 pound Chinook was caught at Ferry Island at about 6:15am. 22 pounds may not sound like too much but man is that hard on the arms! I don't know how guys and gals bring in 50 pounds and up! What a joy it was to see this beauty come up on shore. I was so scared I would loose it! Adam helped me a little, what would I ever do without him!?
And then I left so my mom could go to work and Adam caught this baby a couple hours later. 12 pounds to add to our deep freeze quickly filling up with enough vacuum packed fish to take us well into the fall and hopefully soon enough to take us through the winter. Woot! What a hottie!
No we didn't catch this guy, we just saw him. Have a lovely night!


Gwen said...

Wow, beautiful! Aren't we so blessed to live here?

Thank you SO MUCH for the fish.... my mouth is seriously watering already in anticipation of dinner. And I haven't even had breakfast yet! lol!

Jenny said...

We are looking forward to coming home to do some serious fishing. Congrats on the awesome fish!
we're back next week.