Saturday, July 12, 2008

Did I ever tell you?

Did I ever mention the reason I really wanted to sell Tupperware? I want to have everything in my kitchen sealed in Tupperware containers and it is expensive to do that. Like every kind of dry food and cake supplies and all sorts of stuff into containers that fit it properly. Why you might ask would anyone spend the money on and want that?

1. Because I am an organizational fanatic and I work very well when things are organized and I have next to no motivation when things are disorganized. As well, it looks so nice to have everything in appropriate containers and filed into the cupboards so everything is visible and stacked nicely.

2. Bugs... 3 stories here but the very short versions. One time my grandmother bought flour from a local store and it just so happened to have flour beetles in it. This of course is something you don't know until they are in everything else in your kitchen. And exterminator and a lot of food thrown out and the rest is history. Next, last year I bought some straws from a local store and it just so happened to have "book lice" in it. Something you couldn't tell until the eggs all hatched, bugs left their shells and were all over the counter tops of the kitchen. 15 hours of 2 people (Adam and I) bleaching the whole kitchen and a lot of food thrown out and the rest is history. FYI... we got them all and have not seen one since, it has been a year.

That brings us to the point of the post, to show the most recent story and the reiteration of my pleasure in starting to sell Tupperware. The seal of our front window has started to come out, we didn't really take any notice till about 5 days ago we started seeing a lot of these little buggers tramping around the counter tops. The only food they really seem to have liked was the honey container.

The ants having a little snack of Ant-b-gone to take to their tiny babies to feed them and hopefully a full death of a colony!

After 5 days it looks as if the colony has stopped sending out the troops to retrieve the treats and we have managed to do some necessary cleaning, next... to fix the seal and then the rest will be history.

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starla said...

bug-b-gone? we need that hear, red deer has a serious ant problem!