Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Joy

July 11, the 3 year anniversary of the day that Adam's dad passed away.
We headed out to the river about 9am where we were meeting up with Adam's 3 brothers.
Since it is Adam's holiday time right now, our whole family went out to be together. What a day!
Throughout the day I had to take Joshua and Annabelle to VBS and did a coffee run but over all we were out there from about 9am till 6pm. When we arrived Mark had already caught a lovely 15lbs spring! Nice!
Here is the crowd of us taking up half of Ferry Island. Such a beautiful day!
Waiting for my bell to go.
Mark's fish is in the water tied to a rock.
Andrew got a couple on but this one he brought in and it was lovely! About 8 lbs and it was just shy of being a spring... so a jack it was. And a beautiful one!
Proudly hugging his bloody fish.
Then Adam got one, very close to 8lbs and also a jack, the twins caught almost identical fish... very funny! But Andrew's was a titch bigger and he was very proud :)
Then about 1:00pm David caught a nice little sockeye. By this time everyone was starting to get burnt.
Joel found a couple of these bugs and cherished them for our time out.
About 4pm everyone except Andrew, me, Adam and the kids headed off home. So we chatted about how long we would stay. Decided that we would be there till 6pm. The kids were getting hungry and no fish had been caught in a couple hours.
The kids can always find some way to keep busy.
Adam and Andrew having a little brotherly fishing talk.
And then the bell rang, about 5:45pm and this little beauty was on my rod.
Me and my beauties. It was about a 2 pound jack. Loved it! So, God sure did bless us all. A day of fishing and everyone goes home with a fish! Awesome. My sis-in-law and her boys came out for a couple hours to visit too. It was a very nice way to spend a day that could have been very sad. Then Andrew even treated our whole family to McD's! What a great end.
We gave my little fish away and then cut up Adam's. And vacuum sealed it. So nice! Scrumptious meals coming up!


Gwen said...

Looks like a great day after all! Good thing you have a vacuum sealer!

Jenny said...

Looks like fun!
Have the women had the women's retreat yet for church? I probably missed it.(not back until the 24th)