Friday, July 04, 2008

Just in case

I was just about to go and bath the kids when I thought, I better just post this.

Tupperware sale...

You know those Modular mates that can hold 10kg of flour?

They only bring them out about once a year and tonight is the last night of a week long flyer offer. They are on sale for $25 from the regular $50!!! If anyone wants one or two, let me know ASAP. I have to have the order out by about 10pm tonight. It is 8pm now. And it is Friday. If you don't have my number, leave a message or email me and let me know in the next 2 hours. I am sorry such short notice but I just found out about this today!


joni said...

that really was wayyy to short of notice.

Charlene said...

Sorry Joni! I will think of you next time I see them on sale. It will probably be a year from now. I wished I could have had about $200 extra to just buy a bunch for when people wanted them, but of course I didn't have that! Sorry.