Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go

After a very lovely two weeks off for Adam, he is back to work tomorrow. I feel relaxed and I think that he has had a great holiday. We couldn't do a trip out of town but we have thoroughly enjoyed our family and friends. We fished lots and Adam got to help many people enjoy the river banks of this beautiful town. I am so thankful that God has placed us in this place. It has truly been a joy to watch Adam bless others and enjoy what he truly loves. The kids seem closer than ever to their daddy which is always a bonus of a holiday at home. Joshua is still looking forward to many more battleship games and Annabelle can hardly stand a day without her dad.

A few things that have blessed me over this holiday...

1. Adam deciding not to spend long hours out on the river when it was so high people could hardly fish and instead spending those long hours with his family.

2. The blessing of provision by our God who knows that we can never have enough fish to feed our little ones.

3. 2 early morning fish times with the love of my love (thanks to my mom who always loves to bless us)

4. Watching my boys, all three of them enjoying a wonderful fellowship time at the men's camp out.

5. Even though Joshua was sick with a high fever, when I suggested he come home with me all he could say is, with many tears, "I don't want to leave Daddy in the tent alone, he will get lonely!"

6. Annabelle saying, " Mom, we need to go pick up the boys". Me, "No we are just going to bring them new clothes and food and then they can stay another day". Annabelle, "No Mom, I need to see my Daddy!"

7. For the first time in her life, Annabelle cried at a sleep over just because she wanted to say goodnight to me.

8. Not having to babysit much at all so I could actually enjoy most every minute of our holiday together.

9. Just being able to wake up and have coffee with my hubby and not even think about him being stressed from work.

10. The miraculous healing of Adam's pain to start off our holiday with a bang!

Hope you have a great day at work tomorrow love! I have really enjoyed your company!

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Adam said...

Thank you honey!!! One good note is I get to hear lots of the Bible on my Ipod again while walking.