Thursday, July 10, 2008

The news on Adam

July 8th... Annabelle's b-day.

Hey everyone, see these pictures? It was 2 days ago at Annabelle's party at Ferry Island. A week ago, Adam wasn't able to do this at all, or at least with out a few times yelling out in pain. It was too painful to bend or lift or anything much. So the doc said after seeing that all the tests were coming in normal and the pain had been going on for over a month without letting up (I mean 2 T3's every 4-5 hours or he couldn't even function) that the only thing it really seemed like it could be was Fibramialga. This was not a diagnosis but was the only thing they could even suspect. So, this was very bad news. And we finally thought that we better prioritize some corporate prayer from the elders and body of our church.
We went to church on Sunday. Adam took 2 T3's before he went at 7am. The pastor called us with some other people with physical illness up to the front for prayer. These were just awesome prayers! We felt so blessed going down from the front after the prayers were finished.
At about noon Adam realized that he hadn't taken any T3's since 7am and was quite surprised that the pain was not bad enough to need to take any. So he held off and we prayed for continued healing. This was July 6th and today is July 10th and Adam is about 95% back to normal with only the slightest pain left.
All I can say is, once again, thank you our wonderful, faithful and beautiful God for healing and breathing new life into us and giving us joy abundantly even in a bleak and daunting situation. You are so good to us!

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