Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School and sisters

Well, school is going awesome! I am so happy about it. I have made a couple new friends who are great and Joshua is making friends like crazy! He is loving his teacher and absolutly can't wait till tomorrow when he has library, gym and hot lunch! He did show and tell this week and brought a special shell my mom gave him a couple years ago. He told the kids how you can hear the ocean in it and said the tounge twister, She sells sea shells by the sea shore. My mom taught him that. So cute!

So this is just a quick update. My sis is in town still with her family and we have been having a great time. Rod and Adam have been spending most of their time out on the river, not catching a whole lot but having fun none the less.

Hope all is well with all my blogging friends! God bless you all!


McRae's said...

Great to hear that Josuha is having a great time at school.It is wonderful that he is off to a good start so soon.blessings

Andrew Brown said...
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Charlene said...

Oh wow! So glad to hear that you have blogger, Andrew! Thanks for the comment. I was wondering if you fell off the face of the earth. Joshua is loving school. Thanks for being a part in making it so exciting for him. You are very important to him.


Thanks a lot. Yeah I hope he always loves school, I did, up till high school anyway. It definately makes it easier to drop him off knowing that he loves it and the main thing he loves about it is talking about Jesus. What a great thing that is!