Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First day of school

Hey, I remember as a kid just absolutely loving school. I can't imagine life for my kids without getting up early to go to school and see friends and the whole nine yards. I love it. And I love the packing lunch and watching them put their indoor runners on and their backpacks on their hooks. I love dropping them off and picking them up. Just everything, it is a joy.

So Joshua started school on the 11th. What a grerat day. He had picked his special, first day of school outfit, himself. He was so proud heading out for his first day. I had to wake him as he is not used to the schedule yet but he woke with a smile on. He came down and had his breakfast.

Then got dressed...
Put on his new shoes, new undies, new socks, and his cute outfit.
Happy as can be!
Hopped on his motorbike with his harley jacket and headed off to school. What a blessing it was to have Adam with us as he is still on his holidays.
Adam and Joshua locked his bike and we met up with Joshua's buddy.
Ready for Kindergarten!
Indoor shoes on...
One quick photo, the kids look a little upset but they really weren't.
And on to class.
There is Joshua's artwork and pic his teacher put up from our home visit with her.
The crayon is part of a set and each kid has one beside their pictures and in the middle there is a pack of crayons and it says... WELCOME TO OUR PACK!!! Cute!
So, today was his second day and he had a great time again. He had gym and library today. And on Friday he has show and tell that he has to bring something for. I am so excited.
I still am a little shocked that the time has come for my kid to start school but I am also so overjoyed it is unbelievable! I thank God for an awesome school, an even more awesome teacher and a most awesome kid to go. He rocks and I am so proud of him.
By the way, my sister wrote this really nice post about my boy. Check it out. Thanks Virgie. He did awesome!


Shirley said...

Congratulations ! young man on your first week of school. You look so handsome and ready to learn. God bless you! Love Nana xoxoxoxoxoxo

starla said...

congrats char! how exciting!!! so glad he's doing so well right from the start!