Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hello all!

Hey everyone! We are out to the land of fish! I am excited, packed our supper and we are off. We have so many backed up pictures to post but no time. I will do it soon. Adam is nagging me about it again! hahaha

By the way, My sister and her family are in town and that is my excuse for no time but I will make some. I will for sure.

Some messages for a couple people...

Gwen- I have fish for you, COHO!!! Yum.

Tamara- Any wax?... I am ready! We want to go to the hotsprings! When will you be home?

Christy and Jenny- You rock girl!

Virginia- I miss you!

Mom- have a great night with the boys. I love you!

OKay, don't know if anyone else reads our blog anymore so there are my messages.

For anyone else, here is a word of advise, don't take food outside your house, you will be swarmed by hornets, it is not fun. I got stung yesterday and I am not too fond of that so, there is a word to the wise.
God bless you all and I hope you are enjoying a little more sunshine for your spirits to lift before our wonderful winter ahead. Have a great day!!!


Jenny said...

Have fun tonight!! Hope you guys catch a couple!!!
Tell Adam the "new coho lures" are out at Northcoast Anglers. I actually bought myself a pink one yesterday:)
Hitting them on the neon green coho 55..

Gwen said...

CoHOHOHO!!!! Horray! Thank you for blessing me repeatedly!

Shirley said...

Hey Babe: Thanks for the message - glad you had a great time. Yes, I have had a fun time with the boys.
Love Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Jenny said...

We should get together this week sometime. Maybe meet at the library park after kindergarten one of these days? Let me know...

starla said...

hope your having a great time with your sis and family! still would love to have you both over one afternoon....if only this week wasn't so insanly busy!!

Virginia said...

Char...I miss you too!!

Charlene said...

I totally forgot that you read my blog in my rush to finish my entry. Love you girl! God bless!