Sunday, September 23, 2007

A night of joy

Well folks, I am off to the land of nod... or as I say to the kids, time to visit sleepyland. I am so tired. I had the great privaledge of caring for my 2 little nephews tonight. I am so glad that my sis can trust me completely with her beauties. They are definately a blessing, fun, amusing and a bit of a challenge.

One cute thing before I hit the hay...

The boys and I were playing with the kitchen set in the basement. I have one to give to them when they leave town so I wanted to get them excited about ours so they know how to play with it. It has real bubbling noises that sound like the water is boiling in the pot so I said (this is all paraphrased for my memory sake, so as not to have to strain too much at 2am, but close to just what was said)
"Oh, the soup is boiling, it is almost done!" I grabbed a spoon and pretended to take a scoop out of the pot and slurp it up. "Wow! that is great soup! You want to try some?"

The older boy totally 'got' what was going on and took a slurp and said "good soup!"
So I tried the younger boy. "Try some buddy!" I held the spoon up to his mouth and he put the whole thing in his mouth. "Okay buddy, it is just pretend soup" I said as I pulled the spoon out of his mouth.
He proceeded to yell at me, "More soup Auntie, more soup Auntie!" Realizing that he didn't really understand it wasn't real soup, come to think of it, I would feel a little ripped off too given the same situation. Just imaging, Auntie and brother are just raving about this soup and meanwhile you notice it has absolutely no flavour and you are not even permitted to chew on the spoon to get as much flavor as possible out of it. Maybe he was really hungry because I gave him yogurt after for a snack and he ate it like I had starved him all day. Just the thought of soup must have got his tastebuds going.
The older boy and I carried on with the game quietly as to not upset the younger as he lost interest quickly and moved on to more "real" type toys. It was so hillarious!

There were definatly tough moments dealing with 5 kids all the same ages but overall, it was an absolute joy!

Hope you all had a fullfilling and wonderful day. God bless to you all.

Night night.


Jenny said...

Just listened to your voicemail last night...sorry. You can borrow the steamex whenever, I just have to check to see if there's the Bissel solution. You might have to get some.

Charlene said...

Hey Jenny,
no problem. Does it have to be bissel or can I use rug doctor stuff? Just checking and thatwould be no problem at all. Thanks for the note. Went to the hot springs tonight and had a blast. I should have thought to invite you and the family. Oh well, next time.

Jenny said...

I don't think it matters to be honest. I'm not home tomorrow til after 11am. Scott will be home until 11 and then he's picking up Gavin for me and dropping him off with me.
Anyhow, we were at Pine lake today...Scott caught a big!! hooked me right in the head..hurt like a bugger!!
Will talk to you later!