Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A day out with Daddy

We have not got to spend a lot of time with Adam since his holidays because the river calls him so loudly everyday, but yesterday we did get a day out together. We went to the lake and saw Adam and Sonja and Oz there. That was great. My Adam went swimming with the kids and they had so much fun!
We also went to Williams Creek to check out the spawning sockeye salmon. It amazes me how they look while they are spawning. They get totally red on their backs and have green heads. It is amazing the things that God created, even dying they are beautiful. I didn't take any pics of the fish but here is the family
Joel holding a frog
Joshua's frog.
Each Joshua and Annabelle found about 6 frogs each. There were so many it was unbelievable! So much fun. Thanks hunny for a great day out!!!

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