Wednesday, August 22, 2007


OKay, Adam already posted some of these but they are good enough to post again with a little more about them. We went out fishing one odd day... somewhere close to or maybe exactly August 4th. So, we just thought we would go out as a family, my mom and us and then Adam figured we would invite Lawrence and he had a friend with him who we know from years ago, Nick. So, we went out and were enjoying the scenery and the time together...
Annabelle showing Gabe how to use her princess rod... and then ringy dingy... my line had hooked a fish. This was my first time actually getting the fish in and it was so excting!
Here we are with my first edible fish... a 12 pound spring. 70 cm long so for those of you who are saying, that looks like a jack, you are mistaken... it is a spring! So, just after this pic was taken and I was excited in the moment, Annabelle went into my mom's fishing bag, pulled out her fillet knife and sliced her finger, actually very deep. She came to me crying and appologizing and showed me. I was so scared that she had damaged the muscle or cut right to the bone but stayed calm. My mom and I dried it and got the bleeding to stop and then bandaged it up. The update is, because of the way it cut the doctor said that it wouldn't have needed stiches because the skin would just die anyway so I had done right by not taking her to the hospital. We kept it bandaged and had polysporin on it for a week straight and it healed awesome. Just a zig zag scar. But not too bad and I say, Thank God for taking care of her as it could have been so much worse! And she has earned something that, with her would only be learned this way. About an hour later Adam got this one on and Nick helped by netting it for him. It was awesome and made mine look like a minnow!!!
34 pound spring. His biggest fish yet!
Trying to weigh it was tough but it was in fact 34 pounds!!! What a great night. Mom didn't get any but there is still Coho season to come!!!

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