Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Andrew's visit... so far

Well, Andrew arrived last week and I didn't get to take the kids up to the airport to see the plane come in because I didn't know when he would be in. So, later in the day I was told he was here and the kids and I went and saw him at Mark and Jen's house. Then he came and made his home, temperarily in our basement which was cozy enough, I was so glad it was finished in time! So, then the gift came out.I didn't get pictures of all of the gifts but the kids all got these stuffed animals in a can. Cute! Joshua's is a moose.
Joel's is a beaver... he was not really surer what to think of Uncle Andrew the first day but by the second had been won over. Twins are such a funny thing. I think that Joel just thought he was a not so good Daddy impersonator come to invade our lives.

Annabelle's was a polar bear.
Open the can and vwala... a bunch of happy kids!
For me... from China if you can believe that. The verse scrolls all the way around and it holds letter.
Here is pee pee boy. The kids loved this guy. As weird and obsene he looks, believe this... he is for testing tea water, straight from China. Weird things.
The day Andrew made Adam's life complete! To have his twin brother on the river with him.
Getting ready to fish.
Just Adam and Andrew went this night. The night before we all went with my mom and Louise and I caught a pink salmon, eggs still in her. It was a great time. 2 nights ago we went out, Adam and I with our kids and Andrew and then Mark, Adam's other bro went and got his licence, too. He and the kids came out, they are all under 16 so that was handy! There was lots of action right off the bat. Some humpy's on and lots of bites lost.
Aaron with a fish on
The boys just hanging out
Annabelle and I fishing up a storm.
And then the first fish was caught... no not just a pink but this beauty! A 12 pound Coho caught by Mark!!! As of August 15th the regs changed and said you can catch coho on the skeena so this baby was a keeper! Nicest Coho I have ever seen. Caught on an old old fishing rod with a "dam quick" reel that Adam had found at the garbage dump last year!!!
So that made Mark's night for sure!!! Congrats Mark.
Mark and his proud boys! They couldn't stop talking about how much bigger their dad's fish was from anyone elses. :)
Andrew with his first fish. He caught 2 but this was special because it was his first one caught since he was a kid. So I went to run down there to get a picture of the whole ordeal but not being used to running in my big wading boots, I tripped... how enbarrasing!!! I got about 4 really bad bruises but finally picked my butt up and made it to capture this cute moment. Uncle Andrew with his proud nephews.
Andrew wanted a picture of the place his first fish was "murdered". He was so happy to finally get one on.
Aaron holding his fishes eggsThe Boys all showing off their fish. Aaron has his one and mine. Every female pink caught and kept had eggs in them! Awesome, hadn't even spawned yet! The running total of the night... 8 pinks and one awesome Coho!Aaron and AndrewThe fish pileAaron's fish
Then Mark and the kids headed home. Little did we know, about 5 minutes later their car broke down on the highway and they had to call Mark's wife but the cell was dead so the text messaged her and thank God she had the phone on and came to get them. They were out there for about 1 hour on the side of the road. And here is Andrew fishing away. We caught a couple more before we headed home and it was a great time! Then brought timmy's over for Mark and family to appologise for them having to be stranded on the road. They were happy and just fine! Thank God again for His protection and goodness to our families!!!
Last night Andrew took our family and his momma out to the Coast for supper. What a nice time all together before he headed out on the plane to see his sister before he heads back to work. Goofing off with Annabelle.
Annabelle wouldn't stop eating her ice for a nice pic so this is as good as I could get.
At the airport with Andrew and his mom. Mark and Jen and family come also.

Joel helping Andrew check his bags. Yes, I was told not to take picture after. I had no idea, whatever though, it was a cute moment.

Mommy and her twins.
My mom had bought this cake the night before for all of us to feast on but we were not home till late so she saved it and came over last night to share it with us. Just our family and my mom were here but it was great anyway. What a cool cake!
Yummy yummy!

Nana's lap, favourite seat in the house.
Joel is pretty happy hey???!
Adam took Joshua out for a quick stroll on his bike. Yes he wore a helmet. So, here it is! AWESOME!!!
Hope all you are having a great summer too! God bless!

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Sharon said...

Hey cool fish pics. Did you see the pics I have on facebook of the fish that Jeffery caught?? They are pretty cool. Oh and my sister has the stuffed animal canned moose and I have the beaver, crab, and whale. They are sooo cool! Looks like you are enjoying your summer. God bless!