Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Finally I am making some time in my day to write on the blog. I have been so busy around here...
Finally we ripped down our deck
Finally I got curtains for Annabelle's room that a friend made and my mom and I picked out material for the boys curtains... my mom is making them and I am so excited!
Finally I have finished sorting the basement as well as I can for now and it feels great!
Finally we have time for painting our room whenever we have the money to buy the paint.
Andrew is coming to Canada from China and today he finally gets on the plane to come to Terrace.
I finally have my house as clean as I want it for now.
I finally re did the calking around our tub like I have wanted to for so long.
So finally, I am relaxed!
I think I may have a nap today. I will try to update more in the near future but we have visitors coming for the rest of this month and then all of September so we should be busy.
This week Joshua is at vacation bible school and today I sent him on the bus! I can't believe that he is all on his own. Adam checked it out yesterday and said that it is really great.They are doing a treasure island theme. Kind of all about, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Sounds fabulous! Annabelle is sad she can't go. But I will see for next year when she is old enough. And Joshua starts school in about 3 weeks! I am amazed at how time flies and I am so happy Adam will be off work to walk for Joshua's first day of school with us. How exciting!
Well there is a little update... will write again soon. God bless to you all!


Adam said...

You forgot an important finally. You my dear finally pulled in your first edible fish and might I say it was worth the wait as it is the freshest shiniest fish I have ever seen. Good job!

Jenny said...

Finally an update!:)
Hope Joshua had a blast at bible school!

Charlene said...

Yes Adam and finally I caught that awesome fish!

And Jenny... he is having a great time so far. 2 more days of it. I am getting a little glimps into having just the other 2 home when he goes to school and it is so nice and relaxing. How excited I am to take him to his first day of actual school.