Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Joshua my big boy!

Well, Vacation Bible School was a complete success!!! Joshua loved it and on the last day they had a parents day where we could go, hear the songs they sang, bible verses and then the pastor did a little preaching. The the kids won their gold for all their hard work through out the week. Also, some kids won extra little gifts. My nephews went for one day with Joshua and they had won 2 of the gifts for best coloured pictures! There were a couple treasure chest with special prizes for the 2 kids who got the top amount of points... bringing friends, memorizing verses, bringing your bible got you points. We were told afterwards that Joshua was the 3rd for points!!! What a great kid we have. So they got to take all their gold to the "country store" and spend it there. What FUN!!! One of the most fun things for Joshua was that the pastor... faceless in this picture, ooops... would come to our door and pick Joshua and any other friends up for bible school. They took a big bus. So cool for the kids!!!

The parents night. Uncle Andrew got to come too. What a fun time. You can hardly see anything but Joshua is up there, singing his little heart out!
The pastor preaching a short message, primarily for the parents.
Joshua with his bag of gold. Ready to get some treats. How fun!!!
This is the outfit Joshua asked me and Nana if he could have for his first day of school this fall. He loves to dress up and I coudn't hardly say no, accept that we didn't have the money. My mom asked me if she could get it for him so I said yes of course. He was so proud of it. Cute hey??? And then, for a great gift from Uncle Andrew, he got Joshua a bike that looks like a real motorcycle!!! Pictures to come of course. Joshua has a Harley Jacket that Andrew bought him last time he was in town and now the bike. It is awesome! He is going to look so cool when I bring him to school in his fancy duds with his leather harley jaket and riding his motorcycle. What a blessing it is to have family who really love our kids! Thanks Mom and Andrew!

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