Friday, August 24, 2007

Christmas Shoes

I was on peekvid tonight and noticed this movie. Now, as some know winter is my favourite time of year, I love the cold, snow, snowmen, hot chocolate with candy canes, mittens, rosey cheeks, curling up in a toasty house, baking cookies, and every other thing that comes along with it. My favourite holiday is Chirstmas and so when I saw this movie, it easily won me over. I watched the whole movie on peekvid, annoyingly in 10 parts but got the complete movie.

I must say, I have never cried so much in any movie. It was a wonderfully moving movie about love and living life to the fullest and such but it was the saddest thing I ever watched. And happy too. I think that I would recommend this movie... but seeing as I have become a non-crier in movies and I sobbed like a baby in this one, maybe be prepared for that if you watch it.

Other than that, I am very glad I watched it and now I am off to sleep my teary eyes away.


starla said...

is the movie based on that song, christmas shoes? the song makes me bawl.

Charlene said...

Yeah it is and they play the song in it. It is unbelievable! I cried and cried, like not just the sniffles or a few tears I was all out crying like a baby. Watch it, you will like it, well, besides the bawling and wailing. It is a good movie!