Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Before cell we decided to get a little fishing in so we went to Ferry Island. It was great. Here is the dog, digging a hole, he just wouldn't stop!
Adam, looking great!
Joel. Cute as ever.
Just playing around
Joshua showing off his artwork in the sand
Brenden, the boy I babysit, showing his artworkDaddy and Joel, roasting yummy marshmellows
One of the boys in our cell showing off his fabulous toad that he found. The kids were all amazed!
Some of our cell, just hanging out.
Great night of fellowship! Love it!


Jenny said...

Sorry I missed it...went for a quick nap and slept til 7:32pm. Then had a huge headache from sleeping for 2 hours(luckily I had fed the kids before and had supper made!LOL)so had to run to Shoppers for much needed advil.

Charlene said...

No problem. I hope you make it this week. It is changed to Mike and Moes on Tuesday. Adam is leading. I don't know what about but... it will be good.