Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The meat that our 2 Spring salmon gave us. God always provides!
The next day after all that excitement, Adam, Lawrence and Nick went out and Nick caught a couple nice pinks. Fun time they had except the lack of sunscreen... Adam came home with a burn on his legs, face, arm, and feet. YIKES!!! And it is still peeling to this very day... almost 3 weeks later!
Nicks fish. One fish!
2 Fish!
And here is Annabelle's sad finger. This was about 4 days ater the cut happened.

I have got terribly behind on blogging. Let me explain. My brother in law, a few years ago, started a blog. The purpose was to keep us and other family and friends up on his life in South Korea. So, shortly after he got Adam to start a blog so that we could do the same. Since then

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