Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Excuses Excuses!!!

I am so behind on the blog... now let me explain. A few years ago my brother in law in South Korea started a blog. It's purpose was to keep us and other family and friends updated on life. This was wonderful and then he convinced Adam to start one for us. So he did for the same reason. To keep family and firends updated. It was great too because my mom was up north and it gave her something to check often. So, then my brother in law moved to China where he soon discovered that blogger is illegal. So I neeed to start posting pics on Facebook so he could stay updated. It was nearly impossible to do both so guess what suffered. Although I prefer blogging than facebook. So, now Andrew is neither from South Korea or China... but will be moving to Oman. So, we will see if blogger is legal there and hopefully I will be inspired to keep this up more. So, there it is.

No, if you think great! She has updated, be prepared. I have put on about 6 new posts and they are all a little long. All the way to the one that says Annabelle my beauty! And by the way, I have not proof read anything because it took so long as it was to get this stuff on here so pardon any really bad spelling and grammer mistakes!

Enjoy all and God bless you!

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