Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rocks... very long post of catch-up

Well, the rocks are finally done and I have managed to get Adam to upload pictures for me. It was a long process, especially with my bro-in-law's visit in between but it is done and I am very impressed. We are glad, for sure, that we purchased this little marvel! Next time I hope we can try rocks from the river, wonder what these babies would turn out like!
Just a cutie of the cuties to start things off.
OKay, for the 3rd and 4th step the rocks need to be cleaned really well with soap and water

Looks like fun!

Then rinsed
Lovely when wet but when they dry they are not shiny anymore.
Put into the tumbler and tumbled with just water for two hours. This gets any and all grit off them so that as they pollish they don't get scratched.
On to tumbling.
And when they were done for 2 hours we took them out again, rinsed them and cleaned the tumbler.
Back in they go.
The 3rd step sand, a very, very fine sand for pollishing now. The first two were a little grittier so that they would grind off the rough edges of the rocks.
Water in.
And ready to tumble again. I think it went for 7 days.
Back out and cleaning with soap and water again.

And into the tumbler for the 2 hours again to get any and all grit off so as not to scratch the pollishing rocks.
Joshua's favourite rock again. Why, you may ask? Because the red reminds him of Jesus blood, shed for us on the cross and the white reminds him that the blood washes our sins as white as snow. He told me this right away and I thought it amazing that a child could think of this all on his own and believe and trust in it so deeply, bu then again, the bible does say...

Rom 1:20
(ASV) For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity; that they may be without excuse
Lovely rocks again
Done the two hour tumble and on to the final step. After they were rinsed again, Joshua put them back in the tumbler.
Very fine pollishing powder

And ready to go.
So proud of the whole process, I loved watching him so excited on each new step. How cool!

One of my favourites when it was all done. After the last step the rocks are pollished and now stay shiny, they looked gorgeous!
I liked this one, too.
The whole she-bang.
Joshua has a very generous heart and this is partly why we wanted to get him something like this, so he could make gifts. It was his Nanny's birthday and he wanted to give her something special. I asked him what rock he wanted to use and of course, he picked his little red and white one, his favourite. I almost told him that we should keep it in his collection because he loved it so much but I couldn't damper his excitment like that. There are all kinds of jewlery settings and things that came with the tumbler kit. Joshua wanted to make his Nanny a ring. So this is the finished product balancing in a chunk of playdough while the glue dries. How special to be able to make his own gifts to give to family and friends.
Some of the rocks all fiished. It has been a long post, hopefully you all enjoyed it. Each time we do more rocks I will give you a before and after pick. Not the play by play. Have a great day... off to spring clean.


Jenny said...

Those are beautiful.

Sharon said...

WOW! That is so awesome. I'm glad the tumbler worked well and that there was no disappointment. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it. :) lol Since I was the one after all who kept nagging you about it!!! :) The rocks are beautiful! :) Joshua looks so happy. And the ring he made is pretty too! :)

DaRcI said...

thanks for posting!!