Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello... anybody here??? Oh, here I am!

Hi all! I know I am totally slacking at posting, I don't know what took the wind out of my sails. Well, probably when Ada m said no one would read the blog if I posted so much! Some days now I almost forget we have a blog! I have a back log of pictures on the camera. I have been scared to upload them because last time I tried it ended up the computer kinda crapped out for a while so I thought that I would let Adam. He hasn't done it obviously. So, there are rock tumbling pictures to come soon and we are only a few days away from the finished product! I am excited! I have other pictures too but I don't know if they have any interest value so I will see when they are uploaded.

Speaking of uploading, or should I say downloading? I layed on the couch tonight and watched overboard. I just love that movie. Yes I know it is not overly moral, but better than a lot! And it makes me laugh and cry and what more could you want in a movie! So, when it was done I thought I better go to the basement and do a load of laundry. I hate getting behind and I was on the last load so, off I went. The dog was snuggled up, sleeping on the couch. I finished the laundry and then came up to check my email before bed and possibly do this. Sat down and it smelled really bad. I always have a complex about my house smelling bad because our carpet is about 2 years overdue on getting ripped out and there is just never enough money to replace it so I think that everything around here stinks. This time it actually stunk. So I got up to see where the smell was coming from and... you guessed it, right beside the chair, now... right under my heal! ARG!!! It was far to warm to be old! The dog knew right away as he jumped off the couch and crawled into his little kennel. Cleaned my foot, cleaned the carpet and there is just one more spot I feel like cutting out and throwing away. This dog better not wake up during tonight, sometimes I think, well, the poor little guy, he must have to do a number 2 and that would be horrible to have to wait. Not tonight, he is gone... now I better get a good night sleep.

Look forward to rock tumbling photos in the days to come.

Night night all!


Mrs. Wilson said...

Uploading is putting stuff on the internet, downloading is taking stuff off the internet.

I LOVE reading your blog every day! I don't always comment, but I love to read it!

I find that it is a morning ritual of a lot of ladies to read blogs every morning. So post! Post away!!

Sharon said...

Love the update!!! I check your blog regularly. :) Sorry about your little "smell" you had to deal with. lol. Usually when my house sticks it means I have to change a poopy diaper. :)