Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Is there anything better?

Our kids have a truly sincere love for paint, crafts and anything artistic. These were taken the last time they had a big painting time. It is a bit of an ordeal because they each have their own certain paints. Joel's are old and it doesn't matter if they get mixed up. Annabelle's are nicer and they have more cool colours but I don't want them wrecked and Joshua's are special acrilics from the Creative Zone and they were a birthday gift that only he uses so far.

Joshua got this little box for his birthday from my mom and had a great time painting it.
Annabelle worked a long time on this picture, it was very lovely afterward.
Joel, lovin' every minute of it!

Fun times with kids. I love it. What a blessing to be at home with them! This was their first time getting to use their new, multi purpose aprons that Nana made them also. They are so stylish!


Sharon said...

Nice paintings!!! I think it is soooo good to see kids with a love for making things and being creative. It sure beats playing video games all the time. I love doing crafts with Jeffery too. Although I must admit I think he's better at them than me. lol. :)

Gwen said...

LOVE the aprons! Those are some great smiles in the pictures!