Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here's a thought...

Could I be any more blessed???

I am so amazed at the school my child attends. It is absolutely awesome! The teachers are great, he has a lot of great friends, they learn more about God than I ever would have expected, he is pushed to learn at an excelled rate because the teachers know he can, and he loves it more than I ever knew a kid could love school, even for kindergarten. I don't ever want to pass this up.

Tonight I went to a "town hall meeting" there. It was so encouraging, fun and informative. It was financial stuff we were discussing mostly and I was expecting it to be pretty dry but we shared a lot of laughs together. I just don't know that I could have even imagined such a great school atmosphere and so far, the acedemics far outweigh anything I have seen or experienced. Thank You God for the great opportunity to allow my children to attend here! What a blessing!

Have a great night all!


Mrs. Wilson said...

I'd totally forgotten about that meeting! I actually wanted to go to it!

I'm glad it went well!!

Charlene said...

I wondered if you would be there. Your mom called me the day before, that is the only way I would remember. So thankful the school keeps in touch so well!