Monday, February 04, 2008

Learning and confusion

Annabelle has taken a little longer being able to hold her pencil and pen properly so I have only just now really started teaching her about writting and letters and such. I feel like I have so much to make up for! Her name will take us a little longer to master as it is quite long but she has already got the spelling memorized! Now just practicing printing it nicely.

Today she brought me this peice of paper with her name written on it. I wrote under it after to help her out. Joshua did this for a while too and it absolutely amazes me that it happens. It was completely backwards. Then I wrote for her and under that is her corrected writing with the "A" that she forgot in there as well.

So here is the very same picture in the mirror! Perfect!!! So funny. I wonder what causes this. Joshua did the same at the same age. Now he writes fine, the odd backwards letter but other than that, totally proper.
Here is the pass time for the last couple days. The kids have been loving the train set. I am glad I brought them out again. The kids can finally put them together almost completely by themselves, so nice!
Hope your days are going well! God bless.


Sharon said...

Jeffery used to do the same thing too and now he's fine. I did that too. You should see my Kindergarten scrap book. lol. Intresting to say the least! :)

DaRcI said...

Great photos!! Annabelle looks so happy :)

Jenny said...

So far Gavin seems to know way more than what the other boys did going into Kindergarten. I think that's because of preschool. We have the ready set learn pizza night on Thursday. When is Annabelle's? I've registered Gavin. Praying he gets the same teacher as the other boys.
Makes me very nostalgic. I can't believe my babies are all growing up.
Scott's mom said Scott used to write his name completely backwards. Just learned a couple of years ago, the proper way!(just kidding!LOL)I think lots of kids do it and outgrow it. Kind of neat though.
Anyhow hope all is well with your family.

Charlene said...

Sharon- So funny the things we did, I love looking at my kindergarten journal too and just laughing at th way I drew, it really hasn't improved much since then! Good to hear that others did the same thing. When Joshua went through it I thought he was going to be dyslexic, but he is not. I guess it is just all part of development.

Darci- you wouldn't believe the happiness that the trains brought for all the kids. Has been a blast.

Jenny- Annabelle's ready set learn is February 28th. She is so excited! Glad to hear the Gavin is doing well. I know what you mean about the kids all growing up. I only have 1 more year and they will all be in school, too. Very hard to believe. So good to hear that Scott is growing up too! hahaha

starla said...

ahhh! i just started getting gabe to write out the alphabet. i haven't decided if i'm going to wait until he can write all the alpahbet before i teach him his name or do his name first? i feel behind already

Andrew Brown said...
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Charlene said...

Very interesting idea Andrew. But the kids don't do it to shock us, it is just natural at this age. She totally thought that it was perfect except that she knew that she missed the A in it. It is a very strange thing though. Neat to see their minds develop.