Friday, February 22, 2008

Blog... featuring the beauty of my life.

Well, here is my princess. Just a few pics of Annabelle's happiness. She is a dog lover obviously and asks me to take a picture everytime she can get the dog to stay with her.

Annabelle and Rainbow dash having a picnic. She just looked so cute sitting there with her pony. She set this all up on her own so I told her I wanted a pic.
Making cream of wheat with Mommy. She never tires of stirring, very handy. I can get a whole sink full of dishes done while she stirs the breakfast.
Snuggling time
Have a wonderful day everyone!


Jenny said...

She is a beauty!
Yesterday Gavin came stomping up the stairs because Josey had said he had crushes on girls.
Then I asked, you don't like any girls? What about the girls in your class?
And he said,(swear to God!)"there's only one girl I wike and you know her's Annabelle!"
It was adorable! She's already a little heartbreaker. Adam better get the fish beater out!LOL(and not on my kid!!!)

Charlene said...

Gavin is such a sweety. She doesn't even know but there are a couple boys who seem to like her a bit. I agree about the fish whacker and you will just have to prepare that your boy might end up on the receiving end! hahaha Of course I am kidding.

Gwen said...

Wow, I can't believe how fast she is growing up! Her face has really changed in the last year.