Thursday, June 21, 2007

Update and catch up!

Howdy all you out there! I am so sorry about the lack of posts but I will catch up someday! I have been so busy and it feels like nothing is actually getting done. But it is. And even now, as I look at the time and it is 2:09am I think, I really don't have time to be sitting here on the computer as I have many kids coming in the morning for me to babysit! So, I am warning you now, I will not be proof reading this when I am done and it is inevitable that there will be spelling errors and bad grammer and such as I always catch that stuff on the second time around.

Update on the basement, Floor will be installed on the 28th of June. I am so excited! And the painting is done. Then just trim and we have a basement. I just finished buying everything else to replace for the basement and I can't believe this thing is actually coming to an end! Thank YOU Lord!!!

Update, on life. The puppy is doing well but still having many accidents in the house. This will be remedied easier when I can sent the kiddos in the back yard with him more often to play. Right now I have to take him out just at that magical time and he will go. Also, the rain is too cold for him and I think we need to get him a sweater for outside. And he is definately afraid of thunder storms!!! Also, Andrew, my bro in law has sent us some stuff since he has moved. He needed to get rid of some things. Incidently we have been blessed and blessed by movies and books and clothes and the greatest of all, his old video camera which he had lost cords for and such, but we had cords to fit! Thank God we can start videoing our kids again.

Update on thoughts. My thoughts revolve around this basement getting done and trying to keep order of my house but in my spare thought moments, I am dreaming about going back to school. I have chosen my career to dream about and I have chosen courses that match up. I want to go in and talk to a councelor but it is great that the courses I want can be taken online and one at a time if a person wants. And I don't think I would need to upgrade! So we will see if this fall I could maybe just start one course. I just want to start to better myself for employment for whenever I feel God calling me back to the work force. Probably not till Joel is in grade 1.

Update on the weekend. Awesome teaching at church which left me with new goals, dreams and passion! I am excited for what God may have for us and I was blessed by the teaching immensly. And Fathers day went well. Church in the morning and Adam walked with Joshua like he often does. So sweet. Then when we got home he got his gifts and we had bacon and egg lunch as Adam loves breakfast at all times of the day. Then a family nap and then went to the church for a city celebration! It was nice! So all in all, I am very thankful for Adam, the man I will always love deeply and a loving and teachable father for my children. God has blessed us so much when he gave us my man!

So, I have to go for the night but will be to update again soon. God Bless you all! Here is one cute pic of Joshua taking care of his little pup.

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Josh and his pup...Adorable!