Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Monopoly fun, had by all!

So, as we are not big on make believe creatures such as the tooth fairy, we absolutely do not want out little monkeys to feel they have been left out somehow or that we were unfair to them because of our hesitation toward having them believe in Santa, Tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, etc.

Loosing your first tooth is an very big deal, I think. It is one of the small passages into man or womanhood. Growing up is so exciting for kids and I always try to build each little thing up so they know that they are "going places" and I am happy about it. Every step is so fun. Here is Joshua receiving his much anticipated, congratulations on loosing his first tooth, gift. You can't even imagine the excitement. It just rocked to see him feeling like such a big boy. And to top it off, the game is for kids 8+ and he played the whole game without a moment of boredom... and WON!!! With no cheating to help him along by Mommy and Daddy. Afterward, he made sure we knew that he is not even 8 and could still play and win! He is so funny
I had the flu all day and was pretty weak so Adam took us out to Subway for dinner. I couldn't enjoy it like I usually would but I managed to get a bit down and keep it in. Then we can home and bathed the kids, gave Joshua this game and then played it for a couple hours. It was great. Adam helped me with everything which was just awesome! Annabelle almost made it through the game and Joel almost made it through the first round. Hahaha. It was great and Joshua woke up with it on his mind. He has been begging me to play it again with him. For those who wonder, it is just like the classic game, same amount of money, same amount of spaces, just the names of everything are from Bikini bottom. Pretty neat.
What fun it is to have kids. A true blessing given by God, on the good and the bad days!


Virginia said...

Looks like a good time. Joshua is such a big boy! Annabelle's hair looks so long...so cute!

Laney said...

hey char... I had never even thought about what we were going to do about the whole 'tooth fairy' thing as we aren't at that stage yet, but I like the idea of giving them a big gift and celebrating the occasion.

Charlene said...

It was so fun Virginia. I wish you were here to play it with us. I will always have fond memories of play board games with you as a kid.

Laney... It was funny though because people always ask Joshua, what did the tooth fairy give you?He had no idea what they meant. We didn't do tooth fairy as kids so I never thought anything of it. I will have to explain it to him but I loved this celebration and he was estatic!