Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dreams come true!

For about a year Joshua has been asking often for Sponge bob Monopoly. It is a board game and costs $34.99 at Walmart. We were going to buy it for Christmas for him... all sold out. Then for his birthday... still sold out. So we planned on splurging and getting it this year before Christmas when it would be in and then saving it for the big day. BUT to my wonderful surprise... (only God could bless people like we are blessed) I was in at Walmart tonight with my son buying a bike helmet for him and I passed by this huge display of the game with a big sign saying $9.96!!! I didn't really believe it but on my way back I grabbed 3 of the game and headed for the checkout thinking I would get, "sorry, they must have forgotten to change the signs". But sure enough, they rang in at $9.96, so I have one for Joshua, and 2 for spare gifts for friends! I feel blessed once again! Even with 3 it didn't cost as much as one would normally cost! So, I guess dreams do come true. Joshua has been wanting it for so long and maybe a lost tooth is just the moment that would call for a little congratulations gift!


Virginia said...

That is an awesome deal!! I remember you telling me quite a long time ago that he wanted that game.

starla said...

wow! blessing deals are great! God does care about the small things!

Charlene said...

Virgie- it is just as cool as I hoped too! Yeah he wanted it for so long. I am so glad I was in Walmart just on the right day!

Star- It is so true, even the little things count to Him who created us! I am so glad for that!