Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Skate, skate, skate!

Roller skating and having a blast!
Annabelle was getting tired, we took her skates off just after this
Joel mostly walked with his skates but he is not scared, so that is great!
Joshua, a little funny in the eyes there but he skated the whole way and is learning to not step, but roll, getting good at it too!
The love of siblings, my favourite thing ever!


Virginia said...

Cool roller skates! The kids look so cute in all their gear!

Carin said...

totally awesome pictures!! beautiful children!

Charlene said...

Virgie, these skates are awesome! They just go over the kids runners and they adjust so they can wear them a long time! And if they get tired we can take them off and they are still wearing their shoes. It rocks! I think it is a great invention!

Carin, I love the trail, pics turn out so great there. The first picture if you click and enlarge you can see what a hick Joshua looks like with his tooth missing. It is so funny! God bless!