Thursday, June 28, 2007

Basement info

A quick post to all who care, primarily my family and Jenny who has been so wonderful about encouraging me and getting me through tough days since our basement flooded in December. This has been such a long, long process for me and I am so glad to say, it is almost over! The floorers came today, the floor is in! Tomorrow Sani Tech will come and put baseboards on, baseboard heater in, touch up the paint and then... We are DONE!!! Can you believe it! By tomorrow night I will be doing laundry in my basement and my kids can play there and we can put our stuff down there. It will probably take us a good 3 or 4 days to get everything put together and then put down there, but within a week, things should be back to normal! The Lord is so good to us! The basement looks great, too! I will take pics tomorrow as soon as it is done and before we put stuff in there so all can see. I can't wait. That is the low down for today. May God bless you all today.

Update: 3-4 days?!? What was I thnking. I meant maybe a couple weeks max. I am looking around thinking... this is going to be a very long week!!!


Gwen said...

Sounds good Char! It's wonderful to hear that it's finally come together. Maybe you should have a party to celebrate....

Charlene said...

Sounds awesome Gwen, maybe an Apple to Apples- bible edition party seeing as I will finaly be able to move in my home. Give it a week or 2 and I will be all over party planning!

Jenny said...

Party?? sounds like fun...I think I'm inviting myself!!LOL
I'll give you a call tomorrow. We've been running around like madmen the past day. Finally can take it easy.
Can't wait to see the basement.
Ciao my dahling!