Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Joshua took this picture of Adam and I at the Sportsplex after skating. Don't we look so cool! ha ha
Adam really wanted us to get the Hockeyville jerseys. I am glad we did as I love to supporting local things like this and we use the Arena quite often with the kids.

Here we were just getting ready to head home from free skate which is every Monday from 3:30-4:30. So much fun!
Adam proudly wearing his jersey.
Annabelle was starting to get a little sore from falling by now so she was using the wall to help herself along. She actually is a very good little skater already. I am glad the kids get a lot of practice time as I didn't get a lot as a kid and I am pretty scared on ice.
Joel can skate great... well, it is more like running as fast as he can. It is so cute. I can't help but laugh. He rarely falls though.
And Joshua has pretty much mastered skating. No fear!
Adam is doing very well getting close to his goal for votes for Terrace is Hockeyville. Tonight finishes the voting and then we can get back to regular life! I have not put in many votes but I have done a few. How exciting! Only a few more days and we will know if Terrace did it!

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Laney said...

hey Char, I did some votes for you guys up in terrace as well, I really hope you guys win! Hope all is well with you.