Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day

Since I have a bunch of Irish blood in me and St Patrick's day was made a big deal of when we were kids, I like to do the same for my little ones. This year we had a crowd but enjoyed it none the less. I always read the children the Legend of St Patrick which they love. Then we do a craft and watch the Veggie Tales version of the legend on The Sumo and the Opera. Here are a few pics of the fun of the day. The thing uploaded them in odd order so sorry about that.

Here the kids are watching the movie and having popcorn. They really enjoy it.
My nephew Eric with his finished hat
Curtis and Annabelle just goofing around with their hats on.
Joel made sure there were lots of stickers on the front and insisted on no glitter or glue.
Annabelle with the biggest smile of her life! ha ha
Eric, Alex and Curt, working hard on their pictures.
The crowd, crafting away at the kitchen table.
working on their hats.
Hope your day was wonderful! God bless!


Jadekitty said...

I was just mentioning to Corbett that I wanted to watch Veggie tales again, Now I am going to have to find this one!

Laney said...

Char.. I had never seen this veggie tales before but our pastor played it at church during his sermon and I was so surprised as I hadn't known all of that about St. Patrick!