Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hockeyville Madness!

Well I decided to go down to the voting center tonight to do some intense voting for Hockeyville. Very glad I did. There was a nice community spirit as everyone voted away.
I had worked hard to get my 3,000 votes and almost tripled that in about 3 hours down at the voting center!!! I'm always amazed that when I step out of my comfort zone and do things that are not things I want to do but feel right I'm shocked at how positive the results are. Terrace is Hockeyville or not it was a great experience.

Voting Summary:
computer (hard, several days) 3,303
3 hours at voting center 11,130
Grand Total 14,433 votes!!!


Jenny said...

WTG Adam!!!
I just did my online voting,but truly didn't keep track!!LOL
It's so exciting!!
Are you guys going to the riverkings game on Saturday? Gavin is playing first intermission. I don't think we're going. I have a virus of some sort and my oldest isn't feeling good. So Scott will probably just take Gavin down for the mini game.

Sarena said...

Adam you're awesome! I think I probably voted 15-20 times.. but everything helps! You should be in a Hockeyville parade!

Adam said...

Jenny, hope you're feeling better soon! Charlene is off to see Centennial's play tonight so I'm home with the squirts.
Thanks Sarena!